The ammonia calculator uses tank sizes and percentages used to calculate pounds per acre of actual N applied. It will also convert cost per tonne to cost per pound of N and cost per pound of N to a price per tonne
NH3 Rate and Tank Calculator
This app uses fixed and variable costs to come up with some costs per bushel. When we were in business, if I asked some of my farm customers "What does it cost you to produce a bushel of canola" they would respond with "roughly 4 bucks" or "maybe 5 bucks" but a select few would respond "five dollars and forty three cents." This calculator may help you get started on that process.
Cost per Bushel Calculator
This calculator will figure out plant populations per acre, per foot of drill row, per square foot and per square meter. The populations will be displayed "as seeded" and "as emerged" based on the values that you input.
Seed Rate Calculator